David H. Won

This is my journal.

As for my color series, I think I’ll just stick with digital. I’m really satisfied with the way my images are turning out, so I don’t think there’s a need for me to put an additional effort towards film.
David H. Won © 2014.
David H. Won © 2014.
Just a good Friday with these guys.
David H. Won © 2014.
Suburban paradise. Self-portrait.
David H. Won © 2014.
Spent most of the day working on fixing the greenish color-cast in all of the images I shot with the RX100.
What a pain.
David H. Won © 2014.
Wasn’t too great of a day for shooting. Just ended up frustrated by all the missed shots I made.
Also didn’t help that I felt like I was dying during my second final earlier that afternoon. Just a shot of anxiety, terrible.
Anyhow, at least I’m done with the wreck that was winter quarter at De Anza.
This is Sofia by the way. Or Sophia. Didn’t really get the name right. Sorry.
David H. Won © 2014.
David H. Won © 2014.
With my last class canceled for the day, I happened to briefly catch up with one of my good friends from high school.
I guess we had some time to discuss what had been going on since my absence from a lot of social media, and surprisingly I was convinced to start a new Facebook to get back in touch with the people I’ve respected and admired throughout the years I’ve spent in Cupertino.
Honestly though, I’m glad to have taken that one year or so hiatus from Facebook because it taught me that such applications should be used to better facilitate actual meet-ups with people instead of replacing them entirely. I’m glad to have met a really cool person at De Anza, and now I think it’ll be easier to just get in touch without making a big deal out of everything.
In any case, I feel more obligated to start anew with my own pursuits as well, as a side note. I’ve been struggling this quarter with a lot of things, and it really goes to show how important friends are who take their own time to spend time with me. I can’t say again how I would have survived if it weren’t for the homie, Nikita, and until very lately, Joyce, who is pictured here.
Anyway, time to keep being more positive with everything. Hopefully I won’t recess back into my own feelings of anxiety again, but for now I guess I’m pretty content.
Edit: Also thought it’d be cool if I included something about honesty, which is pretty important to me for some reason. I feel like I should be more honest in my interactions with people because that’s what ultimately makes those relationships worth it. I shouldn’t be hiding away myself because that just keeps me from expanding and expressing myself in front of others.
David H. Won © 2014.
David H. Won © 2014.
Went on another cool hike with the homie, where he took me to this “graveyard” filled with cars that had met their fates by rolling off the roadside in one way or another.
It definitely was a bit eerie at first, but we were more interested in looking at all the tags people had made over the years, some even extending back into the ’80s, which was pretty rad.
Also had fun trying to make our ways up and down the gravel-laden hillsides, which often gave way due to the accumulation of soil, leaves, and other debris that had remained relatively untouched over the years.
Definitely won’t forget how difficult it was to trek up a hill when rocks, logs, and loose dirt come flying out at you or out from underneath your feet.
In any case, it was a chill day and probably one of the best ways to start the spring season, ending all the previous stress I had accumulated myself over the duration of the winter (if not all the more recent years I’ve spent trying to cope with my own anxiety-related issues).
Super grateful for the homie (who is also interested in a pretty sweet variety of music that I personally dig as well).
Now onto finals week.
David H. Won © 2014.
David H. Won © 2014.
David H. Won © 2014.
I was trying to get these cats’ attentions by meowing at them, and that happened to work surprisingly well, actually.
The downside was that a group of people walking by looked at me like I was some crazy cat guy.
Oh well.
Edit: Actually, not too happy with this shot. I could’ve worked on the angle a bit more so the composition doesn’t look so cluttered. There’s no clear geometry in this image, so I will have to try again. Though, I only hope that these two cats show up again whenever I have the chance to stop by sometime in the future. I wouldn’t want to keep visiting the same place over and over again in expectation of this shot. It would be weird for the people who live at that place to see a guy photographing their cats on their car. I guess I could ask if I really had to, but that just makes it more difficult and less genuine than when I had first encountered these cats.
Man, it’s just so frustrating to know that I could have moved a bit more to the right to take a better shot. I will have to learn from my mistake and move on for now.
David H. Won © 2014.